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Jincheng Quartz Sand Floor leather
Established in 1980, our company is the first to manufacture floor leather for buses across the country. During the cooperation with bus plants for years, we have developed quartz sand floor leather through scraping method in order to meet the demands of bus market and overseas high-end market.
Introduction of technics:
Jincheng quartz sand floor leather applies the leading scraping method, which has been applied for a patent, in China. Compared with other quartz sand floor leather in domestic market in recent years, our products outstand both in technics and quality. The technics of the floor made through scraping method is a bit more complicated. On the basis of the base cloth, stick the PVC layer, stable layer and abrasion-resistant layer together through scraping. On the surface, PVC colored particles are added, changing the monotone of solid color.
Improvement of product quality :
1.Paste resin is selected as raw material, giving the products uniform and high density. New formula is added to strength the rigidity, making the products more resistant to abrasion and easier to clean.
2.Special formula makes the quartz sand combine with PVC floor closely, which ensures no leakage of sand during bending or operation.
3.Jincheng quartz sand floor leather applies imported paints, which are bright and natural, and not liable to fade. During production, advanced color analyzer is applied to compare colors, ensuring the consistency of color.
4.Our company produces floor in mass, applies the original shear by hand, inspects the surface several times to ensure the 100% of qualification.
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